Hon. Shri Pradip Nagrare

President, Maitrey Educational Society, Nagpur

The NIETM is established in the year 2009 under the Maitrey Educational Society , Nagpur with a clear vision To develop a knowledge based society with clarity of thought. Come forward to learn, go forth to serve and excel in academics .Excellent academic ambience with a calm and peaceful environment for teaching -learning process. We believe in simplicity with quality. For concentration of mind & eradication of mental defilements ,‘meditation center’ in the college has been started in which students/staff members are participating. For lateral and creative thinking, training programmes are introduced for students & faculty members for educational & teaching Excellence. We provide free education, accommodation & transportation to the needy, economically backward & tribal students. As the Chairman of Maitrey Educational Society, I invite you to explore this website and join the professional community.

Hon. Shri Kuldeep Ramteke

Secretary, Maitrey Educational Society, Nagpur

The essence of engineering education which has spread in India is a very positive sign not only to cater domestic needs but provide manpower to the entire world and become biggest technically trained community. Nagarjuna Institute of Engineering ,Technology Management is an institute contributing to this Endeavour. We have started with full force to play a leading role in providing quality education especially to the backward, economically weaker and tribal students. We have identified the needs of modern engineering & technology education for modern age students, with a vision & mission accompanying transparency, accountability and accessibility which keeps us abreast. As the Secretary of Maitrey Educational Society, I invite you to explore this website and join professional community.