Electronics & Communication


Industry Overview:

Electronics engineering is a large and growing industry focused on the behavior and effects of electrons in tubes and semiconductor , and within electronics devices, systems , and equipments. The application of electronics are in a wide range of product, including consumer electronics , telecommunication ,diagnostics and treatment devices for medicine: audio and video : control :computing :data storage and retrieval ; photography ; measurements and metrology equipments: aviation and avionics ; manufacturing ; natural resource extraction ; and early warning and radar. Electronics has major role improving productivity in such diverse industries as aviation , telecommunication , entertainments , oil ,energy , and agriculture. Electronics engineering is a constantly changing and widening branch of the engineering profession having application in every discipline of engineering ...
Increased production demand by government and businesses for communication equipment, computers and military electronics along with consumer demand and increased research and development on robots and other types of automation contributes to the growth of employment opportunities I the field. Candidate having a creative and inventive mind and also are good at physics and mathematics will probably find electronics engineering a challenging and lucrative career.

Departmental infrastructure:

The department was started in the academic year 2009-10, the department has always remained in the forefront in producing quality engineers/technocrats who brought laurels to the department and institute. The under graduate course in Electronics and communication Engineering was started in 2009 with the intake of 60. Department has excellent infrastructure facilities and resources in the form of modern equipment, faculty, library & references which always prove useful to our UG and to other technical institutes or industries in and around. The department plays a pivotal role in laying down road maps in the area like Signal Processing, Communication, Machine Vision and Microelectronics. Students seeking admissions to department are toppers, among cream of the society and prove to be the main source of satisfaction to teachers.

Photos Name Educational Qualification Email-id
Prof.Prachita Jayaswal Prof.Prachita Jayaswal B.E. (Electronics), M.Tech pursuing prachitajayaswal@gmail.com
Prof.Sandip sherki Prof.Sandip sherki B.E. (Electronics), M.Tech pursuing sandeep.sherki@gmail.com
Prof.Badal Deshmukh Prof.Badal Deshmukh B.E . (Electronics), M.Tech pursuing badaldeshmukh46@gmail.com
Prof. Sucheta Raut Prof. Sucheta Raut B.E .(Electronics), M.Tech (VLSI) suchnil13@gmail.com
Prof. Milind Gajghate Prof. Milind Gajghate B.E. (Industrial Electronics) .M.E. Pursuing (Digital Electronics) mkg1508@rediffmail.com
Prof.Mangesh Meshram B.E.(ETRX), M.Tech(ETRX) mangesh9405@gmail.com
Prof.Deepika Khode B.E. (ECE),M.Tech Pursuing deepikakhode91@gmail.com
Prof.Shital Dupare B.E. (Electronics),M.Tech pursuing d.dupare45@rediffmail.com
Prof.N.B.Babhulkar B.E.(Electronics),M.Tech (Electronics) nbbhaulkar2333@gmail.com
Anjali Khare B.E .(Electronics),M.Tech (Electronics) anjalikhare@gmail.com

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