Electrical Engineering

Industry Overview:

Our life would be unthinkable without the use of elecical energy. The growing utilization of the elecical energy is a decisive prerequisite for a rapid development of industry and agriculture . The branch of Electrical engineering mainly deal with the generation, distribution , and utilization of elecical energy. As elecical energy required everywhere , opportunities for elecical engineer exist in every sphere of modern life, from manufacturing to process industries , from robotics to embedded systems, from automobile to transport , from aviation to navigation.. Work of Electrical engineer includes : Assessing the maximum demand of Electrical Power, Designing and calculating a prospective elecical installation etc. They may work on the design of elecical circuits , elecical machines, generation and distribution of elecical power , elecical drives and controls, for various application of elecical power station , the lighting and wiring of building , the design of household application or the elecical control of industrial machinery.

Departmental infrastructure:

The department was started in the academic year 2009-10 . It has excellent team of experienced, qualified faculty and non-teaching staff. Department has a good liaison with industry. It presently has well equipped laboratories and excellent computational facilities. World class software like MATLAB, PSCAD, ETAP, MULTISIM, PSIM, Proteus, Lab view, MAGNET are available in the department to work on top-of-the line projects in various areas of elecical engineering. The Department also has excellent testing facilities in the area of high voltage engineering and testing of rotating machines. The under graduate course in Electrical Engineering was started in 2009 with the intake of 60.

Hi - Tech Computer Laboratories:

NIETM offers an excellent infrastructure with ‘State of the Art’ Computer Laboratories. All the computer labs are well equipped with latest computer configuration, peripherals, software.

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Prof.S.A.Bankar Prof.S.A.Bankar M.Tech. sanjaybankar2011@gmail.com
Mr. Prashilkumar Ingle Mr. Prashilkumar Ingle M.Tech. Prashilkkumar_ingle@rediffmail.com
Prof.Payal A.zodape Prof.Payal A.zodape M.Tech. payalzodape@gmail.com
Prof.Komal Patil Prof.Komal Patil M.Tech. MBA. komalpatil@rediffmail.com
Prof Prof.Raunak Bansod M.Tech. rawnak.kittu@gmail.com
Prof Prof.Badal Deshmukh M.Tech. badaldeshmukh46.gmail.com
Prof Prof.Sweta Moon M.Tech. swetamoon84@gmail.com
Prof Prof.Manish Thool M.Tech mmanishthool@rediffmail.com
Prof Prof.Sandip Sherki M.Tech sandeep.sherki@gmail.com
Prof Prof. Nilesh Gajanan Bundhe M.E.(EPS) Bundhe.nilesh@rediffmail.com
Prof Prof. Shital Bhad M.Tech. shital.bhad@gmail.com

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