Computer Science & Engineering

Industry Overview:

Computer engineering degree programs offer students a chance to pursue a career in the theoretical aspects of computers computation, and process development. The field of computer engineering has grown considerably with the advances in technology and the internet, and many computer engineers are involved with experimentation and design of programs, implementation of new processes, and staying ahead of market trends. While a degree in computer science may also qualify for many jobs within computer engineering, computer engineering courses and degree programs focus on the technical aspect of engineering as well. A computer engineering school provides students with the training and knowledge they need to pursue a successful computer engineering career. Computer engineering focuses on solving programming problems, developing new software and hardware, and applying both algorithmic and object-oriented problem solving techniques. Understanding how data and computer structures work is a fundamental computer engineering course, and a computer engineering school prepares students with both the technical and theoretical aspects of the field as part of a computer engineering degree program. Computer engineering is used in a variety of industries such as manufacturing, industrial, media, and web development. A computer engineer may also choose to work in the field of programming and software development where they design processes from scratch.

Departmental infrastructure:

This is an exciting period for the Computer Science and Engineering profession as the rapidly changing technology creates many opportunities and challenges. Department of Computer science and Engineering is prepared to meet the challenges and is playing a leadership role in shaping the education of the 21st Century by providing unique educational and research opportunities in the forefront of Computer science and Engineering and their applications. The Department of Computer science and Engineering established in the year 2009 with the intake of 60, offers UG programs in Computer science and Engineering in Nagarjuna Institute of engineering ,Technology and management ,Nagpur. The Department is working hard to make students which are well acquainted with the core domain areas in Computing as well as enhanced programming skills and who will be able to disseminate their analytical abilities. Our aim is to provide our students the lifelong learning and leadership skills that enable them to grow in their professions and advance to positions of responsibility by effective Industry-Institute Interaction.

Hi - Tech Computer Laboratories:

NIETM offers an excellent infrastructure with ‘State of the Art’ Computer Laboratories. All the computer labs are well equipped with latest computer configuration, peripherals, software.

Photos Name Educational Qualification Email-id
Prof.Pawan H. Raut Prof.Pawan H. Raut M.Tech.
Prof.Trupti Junghare Prof.Trupti Junghare M.Tech.
Prof.Meeta Kukde Prof.Meeta Kukde M.Tech.
Prof.Himanshu patle Prof.Himanshu patle M.Tech.
Prof Prof.Chetshree Jumle M.Tech.
Prof Prof. Prashant Gumgaonkar M.Tech.
Prof Prof.Bhavna Kumbhare M.Tech.
Prof Prof.Pravin Jambulkar M.Tech.
Prof Prof.Kiran Chavhan M.Tech.
Prof Prof.Vaishali Gedam M.Tech.




Computer Network Lab


Computer Workshop Lab