Civil Engineering

Industry Overview:

Civil engineering is the oldest and most respected discipline of all engineering fields. Civil engineering design, builds , and manage the infrastructure of civilization , which include building , bridges, highways water supply system, and other public works. These services are the cornerstone of the discipline ,although no longer the limiting scope. The civil and environmental engineering program include structure mechanics , geotechnical engineering , earthquake engineering , hydrology and water resources engineering . Civil engineer play a vital role in man-made environmental and in protecting the natural environment, bringing together science and art to create much of the tangible fabric of today’s society .They plan , design , construct, maintain, and manage airports , bridges, tunnels, building , harbor facilities , dams, highways, water ways, pipelines, sanitation systems, and other aspects of the build environments. “Civil Engineering is profession of designing and executing structural works that serves the general public , holding the safety, health and welfare of the public paramount” . Civil Engineering is a broad field of engineering dealing with the planning , design, construction , maintenance and management of physical infrastructure networks.

Departmental infrastructure:

The department was started in the academic year 2009-10 has its distinction of being the first department in this institute and has set- up a great tradition of producing eminent engineers who are competent and committed to the high professional standards in the field of engineering and technology. The under graduate course in civil Engineering was started in 2009 with the intake of 60 and now intake is increase up to 120. Since its inception, the department has grown into one of the largest and most widely respected civil engineering course and masters program in the country.

Photos Name Educational Qualification Email-id
Smita Gajbhiye Prof. Smita Gajbhiye M.Tech.
Satish Dhargave Prof. Satish Dhargave M.Tech.
 Ashish Pakmode Prof.Ashish Pakmode M.Tech.
Nitu Ramteke Prof. Nitu Ramteke M.Tech.
 Dhiraj Virkhare Prof.Dhiraj Virkhare M.Tech.
 Kanak Nagrare Prof.Kanak Nagrare M.Tech.
 Snehal Abhyankar Prof.Snehal Abhyankar M.Tech, Ph.d. Submitted
 Vinit Dhanvijay Prof.Vinit Dhanvijay M.Tech.
 Jayashree Bhelawe Prof.Jayashree Bhelawe M.Tech.
 Samanvay Chandnao Prof.Samanvay Chandnao M.Tech.
 Payal Gedam Prof.Payal Gedam M.Tech.
 Nilesh Pal Prof.Nilesh Pal M.Tech.
 Nilesh Pal Prof.Nidhi Somkuwar M.Tech.
 Nilesh Pal Prof.Neha Khan M.Tech.
parimal Prof.Parimal P. Dhote M.Tech.

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